Opinions, musings, and ravings from the mind of John Percy


JP beardJohn has spent forty years as a professional in the entertainment business, working as a musician, stage manager, production manager, director and producer. He was a pioneer in the web casting industry, being producer and director on some of the first web casts generated in Canada. His ability to organize, budget, and develop timelines and strategies has earned him the respect of his peers in the industry.

He was instrumental in the formation of the Karma group of food co-ops in Toronto, and served on their boards and as general manager. In Halifax, John was on the Steering Committee for the formation of the Community Carrot Food Co-op. He is a strong believer in food safety and a long-time advocate for strong, local economies.

John’s involvement with the Green Party was born from a deep disillusionment with partisan politics as practiced by the old line parties, all of whom appear to be more interested in positioning themselves for advantage rather than governing. Like most Greens, John sees himself embracing fiscal conservatism, social liberalism and a healthy dose of personal responsibility for our lives and environment.

John is desperately attempting to remain retired.



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