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What’s the story?

I have noticed over the last year that the media’s lack of adherence to journalistic principles has become more overt. It has become very difficult to read the News section as it appears to have become confused with the Opinion section.

I would long for the “good old days” of journalism, but that has always been a myth perpetrated by the fourth estate that there was once a time when integrity ran rampant through their pages. Truth be told, news organizations have always been beholden to one political stripe or another; we just like to believe that society has outgrown that idea.

Perhaps someday, but for now we must rely on our ability to access the story from several different sources online, and parse the bits of truth contained in most of them and weave together a relatively accurate version from which we can draw our own conclusions, and not those of the editorial staff. Unfortunately, most people neither have the time or inclination to do so, and parrot what they have heard from a single source and form an opinion that they believe is their own.


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